As much as those who came before us provide us with wisdom and guidance about what is to come, we really aren’t able to fully understand what to expect until we find ourselves in the midst of it. As humans, we are constantly growing, learning, and changing; however, there are major transitions that come up that can be a little more tricky and difficult to navigate.

Are you making the transition from adolescence to adulthood and feeling overwhelmed with the new and numerous responsibilities of the “real world”? Have you finished your career and/or raising your children, and are struggling to reassess your role and purpose? Have you recently gone through a divorce and are finding it difficult to adjust to being single again, especially if that role includes being a single parent?

Everyone experiences these universal transitions differently, and it is my goal to allow my clients to teach me what this has been like for them, so that I am able to help them cope with the initial discomfort until we are able to establish some equilibrium. A large part of this process is to remind you that this discomfort is normal, temporary, and has the potential to teach you that you are capable of taking on tasks and challenges that you never thought that you were capable of successfully maneuvering.