What we do

Despite specializing in the issues and difficulties outlined in the Who I see and How I can help sections, I understand that each individual responds to their particular stressors and circumstances differently. As a result, I tailor my therapeutic approach and interventions to the individual needs of each of my clients. 
I see clients for individual, family, and couples therapy. When first beginning therapy with a new client, I take some time to familiarize them with the therapeutic process and give them an idea about what they can expect from treatment. I typically take a nondirective approach, and encourage my clients to take the lead in deciding what topic or issue would be the most beneficial for us to focus on in their sessions.
Throughout our time together, I work to ensure that my clients feel safe and supported. I also check in with them throughout their treatment to determine if any adjustments need to be made to my approach or interventions. I attempt to make this process as transparent as possible, and encourage my clients to ask questions and share feedback as they come up. 

In regards to the theoretical orientation that informs my treatment, I tend to conceptualize issues from a psychodynamic/object relational perspective, meaning that I use information about an individual’s early childhood relationships to provide context for what he or she is currently experiencing.

I utilize various interpersonal, solution focused, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness based, and trauma and emotionally focused interventions to assist my clients in achieving the goals, growth, changes, and insight that they desire. In addition, I incorporate art and play therapy into my work with children, and strive to approach all topics, issues, and difficulties in a culturally sensitive manner.